Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Changing face of the newsroom

A reporter friend and I were chatting about the increasing pressures on traditional print journalists in a rapidly changing media environment the other day. Reporters are blogging and shooting video--all while filing their daily stories for the print edition and worrying whether they'll be included in the next round of staff reductions.

To learn how this impacts us, media relations professionals might be interested in this recent study by Pew Research on the changing face of the newsroom.

The study covers six main areas:
Cutbacks--examining the depth of staff reductions and how larger and smaller newspapers have been affected;
Changing Content--looking at what topics are losing space and resources, which are growing and which are holding steady;
The Changing Newsroom--charting the transformation of newsroom skills, demands and culture; The Influence of the Web--studying the enormous impact newspaper websites are having on newsrooms and on daily newspaper journalism;
Citizen In the Newsroom-- exploring the growing influence and impact of journalism produced by non-professional journalists; and
The Future--weighing the implications of smaller newsrooms, greater innovation, more financial pressures and the struggle to monetize the web.


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