Thursday, January 08, 2009

More tips on networking

The AP today reports jobless claims are rising more than expected but new PRSA National Chair Michael Cherenson assures us in a recent interview that PR is more recession-proof than ever.

But don't sabotage yourself. Communitelligence offers its top 10 networking mistakes today, gathered from contacts who "feel they've been used, abused and otherwise mistreated by recently downsized professionals."

Aside from these tips, senior Puget Sound PRSA professionals have also offered these bits of wisdom:
  • Know when it's appropriate to network for job opportunities. One of the biggest reasons some senior professionals don't attend PRSA events is because they felt like people were always hitting them up for jobs. PRSA events are a great place to network, but save the informational interview for a mutually agreed-upon time.
  • Present yourself professionally at informational interviews. Your contact may not have an immediate opening but may have one pending. Be prepared to be interviewed for a potential position when arrive.
  • Be gracious. Stand out from the crowd by sending a thank you note and recognizing your contact for their time. I like to pop a little $5 coffee card or something in the note to reinforce my gratitude.

Good luck and for more tips, don't miss the January 21 PRSA Program at The Seattle Times featuring more tips and tricks for weathering a tough economy.

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