Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trends and Tips in Travel PR

The travel industry is one of America's largest with $740 billion in direct expenditures by travelers domestic and international (Travel Industry of America). At our May 22 program, Richmond Public Relations CEO Louis Richmond led a three-person panel of travel experts through a discussion of hot trends and helpful tips.

Carol Pucci, Travelwise writer for The Seattle Times, says: Keep it simple. Stay focused on our region. Don't get overly cute with packaging.

Ashley Southwick, publicist for Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door, agrees--reminding PR pros to follow the age-old rule: Know who you're pitching.

Fancy packaging and gift items are nice--especially wine, she says, but they won't get you in Rick's guidebook unless you belong in the guidebook.

Nicole Meoli, editor of AAA Journey magazine and freelance travel writer,says never underestimate the power of the telephone. In this era of e-mail overload, Nicole prefers a quick personal call with well-researched pitch.

Close to home, ecotourism, learning tours and family trips are the top trends for these panelists. With rising gas prices and shrinking down time, it's really no surprise.

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