Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cultivating Employee Evangelists

Recruiting and retaining a qualified and effective workforce can be challenging within the limitations of any sector. But many executives overlook their greatest asset in this effort - their employees. Employees who feel appreciated will naturally talk about their employer and the jobs they enjoy to their families, friends and colleagues. Internal communications plays a vital role in fostering this positive employee satisfaction.

On June 19, Sarah Lane (Internal Communications manager for the Office of the Attorney General) and I shared easy and inexpensive tips from our office's internal communications efforts to help communicators from any size organization make solid connections across their staff.

Key takeaways from our presentation:
  • Help employees embrace change by:
    -- Listening to your employees
    -- Demonstrating commitment to them
    -- Engaging top leadership
  • Recognize employee achievement:
    -- Set high standards
    -- Reward excellence
  • Keep employees informed & maintain high morale:
    -- Develop connections
    -- Encourage innovation
    -- Demonstrate respect

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